Introducing Fiber™

Featuring continuous fiber tapes for superior part strength. That’s right – continuous fiber.

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About Fiber™

Our mission at Desktop Metal is to make 3D printing accessible to all engineers, designers, and manufacturers. To do it, we’ve already introduced two revolutionary technologies: the Studio System™ and the Production System™

Today, we’re breaking new ground again, with the introduction of Fiber™ - a new 3D printing platform that brings industrial-grade continuous fiber composites to the engineer's desktop.

Using the same materials found in Automated Fiber Placement applications, Fiber™ uses industry-proven composites, including fiber-reinforced PEEK and PEKK.

With prices starting at just $3,495/yr, engineers won’t need to compromise between high-quality, speed, and affordability.

Just press print to produce parts twice as strong as steel and half as light as aluminum.

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