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One Click Metal is leading the charge to reduce the complexity and cost of metal additive manufacturing technology, making it accessible to manufacturers large and small. One Click Metals 3D printing solutions have been developed with simplicity in mind, to encourage and empower innovators to innovate without fear of complexity.

3D metal printing systems by One Click Metal include MPrint and MPUREpro that offer a large build volume in a compact footprint with the added convenience of MONE, a digital platform for location-independent monitoring and control.

Bold Series metal 3D printers by One Click Metal


M Pure Pro 3D printer by One Click Metal

Once Click Metal's complete package makes your entry into metal 3D printing as uncomplicated as possible. It includes everything you need for a technology start – with transparent costs and an unbeatable price-performance ratio. Offering clear prices for clear performance.

Lab Module

One Click Metal Lab Module for metal 3D printing

Growing application possibilities: Due to the flexible extension with the Lab module, the possibilities in the application for the LPBF technology grow.

Easy integration. More flexibility.

Powder Management

One Click Metal Powder Management

Ergonomic shape and design. The cartridge is designed using ergonomic guidelines and can still be held by hand at maximum filling of 8kg. This enables health-friendly operation.