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Stratasys develops industrial grade additive solutions to help you solve critical design and manufacturing challenges, right along your production cycle. Working with you to push the boundaries of what’s possible. And thrive in a changing world.

The range of 3D printers by Stratasys includes a wide range of solutions for Industrial, Commercial and Professional applications.   

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Stratasys - FDM 3300 3D printer using Fused Deposit Modeling Technology

Fused Deposition Modeling - FDM 3D Printers use thermoplastics, suitable for cost-effective prototyping and applications to produce quality parts for any industry. FDM technology is office-friendly, and delivers the necessary properties for applications that demand precise tolerances, durability, and stability.


Select Additive Stratasys - Origin One

An evolution of digital light processing (DLP®), Programmable Photopolymerization technology (P3™) powers the Origin One. The tightly synchronized print process includes pneumatic controls to reduce pull forces during the print process, resulting in exceptional surface quality, without sacrificing speed or isotropy.


Select Additive Stratasys - SAF

Built for higher-volume additive production volume that is tailored for short-run jobs, SAF technology gives you greater thermal control over the build process compared to other powder bed technologies. 


Select Additive Stratasys - Stereo Lithograohy

Stereolithography is an additive manufacturing process that uses a vat of liquid UV-curable photopolymer resin and a UV laser to build parts one layer at a time. 


Select Additive Stratasys - J8 Series 3D Printer

PolyJet is a revolutionary multi-material jetting photopolymer 3D printing technology that brings your ideas to life with exceptional precision and versatility.