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About Select Additive

Select Additive Technologies is your bridge between traditional CNC machining and advanced additive manufacturing. With over 80 years of experience serving the metalworking industry with solutions for precision machining, we’ve partnered with leaders in Additive Manufacturing that offer innovative, industrial grade 3D printing solutions.

Our partners include Desktop Metal, One Click Metal and Stratasys, which offer a wide range of additive manufacturing solutions for developing complex prototypes, so short run production of metal or resin parts for industry.

  • Desktop Metal is reinventing the way engineering and manufacturing teams produce metal parts - from prototyping through mass production.

  • One Click Metal is leading the charge to reduce the complexity and cost of metal additive manufacturing technology, making it accessible to manufacturers large and small.

  • Stratasys develops industrial grade additive solutions to help you solve critical design and manufacturing challenges, right along your production cycle.