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ETEC offers a variety of 3D printing systems with the ability to mass produce polymer parts with the speed and quality needed for demanding end-use applications. ETEC printers deliver parts with exceptional accuracy, superior part properties, fine feature detail, and smooth surface finish at a scale and cost that is competitive with traditional manufacturing techniques like injection molding.

  • ETEC's advanced DLP printing process delivers best-in-class part accuracy and feature detail

  • ETEC DLP parts deliver best-in-class finish with less than 1um Ra

  • ETEC printers enable throughput to deliver parts at volumes and costs competitive with injection molding

  • ETEC combines advanced hardware features such as high-powered projectors adn custom-designed optics with materials that leverage long-chain chemistry

  • With a wide array of materials, ETEC materials deliver mechanical properties required for end-use parts across a range of industries and applications

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