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Read how Kingston University, Helmut Schmidt University and more are using BigRep 3D printers for their classrooms and research.

Universities and colleges constantly commit resources to being future-ready institutions that prepare students for careers of dynamic change with relevant knowledge and life-long skills. Additive manufacturing has proven integral for many institutions aiming for superior teaching and experimentation, for a variety of disciplines, by balancing the modern accessibility of in-house prototyping and production with the relatively low ongoing costs of large-format 3D printers.

Universities have grown beyond training engineering students with additive manufacturing exclusively. Less anticipated disciplines have learned to take advantage of large-format 3D printing in novel ways including business management, law, and business informatics students, preparing them for the new industrial revolution.

Find out how prominent institutions are capitalizing on large-format 3D printing for better learnings

To download the ebook CLICK HERE

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